About Us

The Glass Resorting Company (PTY) LTD- (TGRC) was founded by Devan Naidoo after resigning from his post as Supply Chain Manager at Nampak Glass. His passion for the glass, a unique industry helped him notice that there was a lack of skilled labour and a retention plan within the industry hence he decided to provide solutions. TGRC sources and train labour primarily for the glass industry that’s basically a phone call away.

TGRC provides skilled labour solutions for:

Cross packers & Resorters


Light screen viewers

QC Lear Inspector

QA Auditors


Forklift Drivers – 3.5 tons double fork handlers

Final Checkers

Plastic Divider Board Washers


Code 14

Code 10


Specialist Areas – (Medium/Long Term Plan)

Forming Specialists


Forming Managers


Fore hearth and Feeder specialists


Furnace Experts


Glass fracture analysis expert

Glass and Glass Condition Experts

Solutions – Trained and skilled staff can be used in the Warehouse:

Cross Packers and Resorters can assist to identify and remove bottles with specific defects IE:

  • Danny Cracks
  • Finish cracks and under ring cracks
  • Vertical cracks (split finish)
  • Off Plumb
  • Drop bases
  • Ovalities

The above skilled staff can be used to cross pack and wipe all stock that has been exposed to the natural elements for long periods of times ensuring that when the stock is dispatched it meets all customer requirements. They can also help during the wine campaigns when wine bottles needs to be packed into partitions and assist the customers by removing them, a task that will be warmly welcomed by the customers. We specialize in supplying visual inspectors, faint stippling and dirty ware

Final Checkers –will be trained to identify and rectify:

  • Burn holes
  • Missing units
  • Loose Shrouds – Cold shroud –(pallets kick when cold shrouded)
  • Foreign objects or broken glass

This will ensure that all stock that leaves your premises will meet all customer requirements.

Forklift Drivers – we will source and train drivers that are capable of handling forklifts that can carry 3.5tons and more as well as double forks.

QC Lines and QA – Customer Lines

Light screen viewers (LSV’s) – can be used on QC lines during difficult runs (at the plant) ie tapered, jars, flash or square bottles. LSV’s can be deployed to customer’s sites during first

runs(ensuring success) as well as eliminating suspected defective production problems on customer lines and can clear up breakages.

Cross Packers – can be used during breakdowns on line

Resorters – can be used offline to sort into production